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Your Regulatory Affairs Experts in México for all LATAM  Region 


Our expert Team


PharmaCounselors® International is a Multidisciplinary Regulatory Counseling company that is devoted to provide highly and specialized professional services to its clients that need to fulfill with a wide array of Regulatory issues in Mexico and LATAM.

Our team is compound by Attorneys at Law PH.D, Medical Doctors PH.D, Pharmaceutical Engineers, Chemists, Medical Technologists among others, with a vast and specialized experience and knowledge on Regulatory Affairs in Mexico and Latino America.

Our Mission is to become a leader and a reference on RegulatoryAffairs within different areas and industries throughout all the LATAM Region.


We act as your Regulatory Affairs Expert in Mexico for all the LATAM Region!©


Should you need to revise the profile of our experts, please do not hesitate to request it to our client´s attention team.