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Patents & Trademarks


PharmaCounselors has an expert team of professionals that are fully capable to apply for specialized Patents in Mexico and LATAM.

Lawyers, Chemists, Ph.D Medical Doctors, Engineers, Mechanical, and Biologists are some of the professionals that provide their knowledge and expertise in order to file an adequate Patent application under the Mexican Intellectual Property Provisions.

Our division of Litigation Attorneys at Law, also contribute for a solid legal protection and Defence of these intangible assets for many companies in Mexico and Latino America.


Our services include:


  • Patent & Trademarks Applications

  • Content Patent Analysis

  • Highly Specialized Translations by expert witness

  • Legal and Technical Advice

  • Follow up of the Patent Application

  • Respond to the Authority Citations

  • Payment of Fees until the Patent Certificate is issued

  • Obtaining the respective Patent Title

  • Cancellation Patent Proceedings

  • Active Patent Litigation  ( service provided by our Headquarter Company: ILC Attorneys at law)

  • ADMINISTRATION of all your Patents Portfolio in LATAM Región