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Regulatory Affairs - Asuntos Regulatorios


PharmaCounselors® turns out to be the most effective and ideal manner to control all your SANITARY REGULATORY AFFAIRS as well as the respective Administrative Legal Counseling to protect the operations of your business in case the Sanitary authority or Health Ministry imposes administrative or legal injunctions.


This is only possible due to the experience acquired by the partners over the years, who have had the opportunity to work within important companies where Sanitary regulations are highly strict, i.e. Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food, Consumption Products, Medical Devices, Diagnoses Kits, Clinical research, Oil & Gas, etc.


Sanitary Registration and Permits

  • Medical Devices

  • Medicines

  • Herbal remedies

  • Cosmetics

  • Drugs and Controlled Medicines

  • Pesticides, Vegetal Nutrients, dangerous substances,

  • Prescriptions for regulated medicines

  • Related to Hospital and Health Industry

  • Related to Human Tissues and Cells Import/export permits







  •  Registros Sanitarios
  •  Dossiers (armado)
  •  Licencias Sanitarias
  •  Dispositivos Médicos
  •  Avisos de Funcionamiento
  •  Permisos Publicidad
  •  Visitas de Inspección
  •  Patentes Industria  Farmacéutica
  •  Regulación de Plantas Industriales
  •  Clausuras de Plantas y Almacenes de Distribución
  •  Defensa Administrativa y Legal
  •  Amparos Urgentes Materia Administrativa