Recalls and Legal Defense


PharmaCounselors® México is an International Legal Counseling®, Attorneys at Law Company, therefore is fully supported by specialized and expert Administrative and Regulatory Lawyers who have successfully assisted their clients whenever there is an administrative order, injunction or judicial restriction on the assets and properties of our clients. 

This is possible due to the expert knowledge on Administrative and Regulatory Laws as well as the different Defences available to protect assets and client´s establishments in Mexico and LATAM.

We also have expert Constitutional Lawyers who provide their knowledge on the Mexican Constitution and Laws, to mitigate and release any judicial order that could restrain the operations of a Business due to the lack of fulfillment of Regulatory Provisions.

Our experience in this area includes:

· Habeas Corpus ( Business Closings Injunctions by Federal Authority)

· Appeals before Administrative Higher instances or Courts

· Legal Motions before all kind of Administrative Courts

· Minor Legal Proceedings

· Motions and all type of Administrative before the Regulatory Authority

Drug recall Mexico
retiro de medicamento mexico

Drug recall Mexico

retiro de medicamento mexico