Pharma Plant Turn-key services

Our team of professionals is highly specialized on regulated industries, and their experience in very important companies that have established operations in Mexico, permits to PharmaCounselors México provide you with a full scope of services that make it possible to offer complete packages for business start-up.

Should you or your business plan to start operations in México, we could certainly advise you on how you can start running your company under the Mexican Laws and regulations. Technical and regulatory advice would include the Laboratory or Manufacturing Plants Design, fulfill with all the Regulatory Provisions as well as to establish the appropriate Distribution Scheme for your products in the Mexican Territory including LATAM.

Our services include: 

· Legal entity to operate in Mexico

· Advice on regulatory Provisions

· Designs and Monitoring of Constructions/ Adjustments of Manufacturing Plants/ Medical, Pharmaceutical, Bio-technology Laboratories

· Supply or Distribution Contracts

· Staff to operate your business

· Tenders advice and proposal submissions before Government Agencies

· All permits & Licences necessary to run  your business!

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A multidisciplinary professional team to get and implement all the Pharmaceutical Regulations in Mexico