The Pharmacovigilance is necessary to prevent the risks provoked by the used of Medicines in Human Beings and to minimize the economic costs related to the side effects that are produced by the use or consumption of medicines.

In conclusion, the commercialized Medicines need a continuous a permanent monitoring activity in all each country and for the collective benefit. This will only be possible if a punctual notification of the presence or suspicious side effect is made as a consequence of the use of prescribed Medicines.               


PharmaCounselors provides the following Professional services on Farmacovigilance:

· Permanent Counseling on Pharmacovigilance

· NOM-220-SSA1-2002 setting up and operation of Farmacovigilance

· Quarterly, semi-annual and annual Reports

· Adverse contingencies reports / Side effects

· Drafting of Normalized  Work Proceedings of Farmacovigilance

· Advice of Regulatory Provisions and New enacted Farmacovigilance Acts Notifications

· Active Search of Security Warnings related to active principles published by the Sanitary Authorities.

· Contracts Advice

· Telephone Assistance and implement a HOT-LINE of adverse effects notifications in Mexico and LATAM

· High specialized and Technical Translations

· Periodically Bibliography Research


We are able to implement a full Call Center Service to control all your adverse side-effects of your products  in Mexico and for all the  LATAM Region.